Posted by: johndstewart | February 23, 2013

NOW is The Time!

Now it is time to refine your goal. This will help you direct your efforts at achievement and mobilize your energies.  A useful tool used by journalists to collect information for their stories can be very helpful here. A list of one-word questions should help you put your goal into better perspective. Write down your answers to the following questions:

WHO? Who is involved in your goal and its achievement? Yourself, of course, but who else? Boss?  Spouse?  Children?  Friend?

WHAT? What will you need to achieve your goal? You should consider such things as time, money, a change of daily habits, etc.

WHERE? Where must your efforts to achieve your goal be centered?  At work, at home, both, or somewhere else?

WHEN? By when do you want to achieve your goal?  In two weeks, in five months, in a year? Are there other events or outside constraints that must pace your efforts?

WHY? This question deserves some real thought. It is worthwhile to explore your motivations and the expected payoffs. When you achieve your goal, will you be happier, richer, more satisfied with your life?

How will it affect the persons you have listed under “who” above?

HOW? How might you proceed toward your goal? What intermediate steps occur to you?

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