Posted by: johndstewart | November 16, 2013

Having Gratitude!

Interesting title. Do we always have this in everything? For me this has not been a consistant theme until recently. I am now sure that I received what I have expected (put out there) and visualized. You see, I am becoming what I think about myself. You will also.


Posted by: johndstewart | May 8, 2013

How To Get The Money!

WOW! What a question to ask on Tuesday. If you choose a bank remember that you have to show the ability to pay back the loan. Your Credit Score and open lines of credit will determine your rate and the amount of your loan, whether secured or unsecured. They are not interest in your excitement about your dream. It’s just business to them. You will have to jump through hoops most likely but you can do it.

If this is not an option then sell things, yard sales, ebay, cut grass, help others for a small fee. What ever it takes do it. And P.S. always take the high road.


Posted by: johndstewart | May 7, 2013

Money-Part 2

As we have posted in the past you need to plan for success. You can check the statistics on business. They are not that great. So how about a realistic approach. Design your plan. Determine your 3 year cash needs. START it PART TIME. Why you ask? Well it is very simple. You can constantly revise your plan as situations come up that you did not think about. This allows you to overcome the little bumps on the road to success.

Remember to surround yourself with a mentor that has actually been there, done that successfully.



Posted by: johndstewart | April 29, 2013

Giving in Business! The Plan!

When you want to grow your business, give back. Even though we could easily give our services away we don’t. What we do is we send our customers a gift collection brochure with multiple gift choices based on their wants. Postage paid. No costs what so ever to them except the time to call or order online.

You we be shocked at the slightly delayed increase in business. And if you haven’t noticed already, we are in the gift collection brochure business.

John and Terri

Posted by: johndstewart | April 28, 2013

Believe just Believe with Actions. It Works!

Can believing work by itself without Actions? Most of us, I believe, believe this. Do we really think that the vibes in the air or whatever are going to blow in our direction and set us up for success? What do you say about this?

Posted by: johndstewart | April 27, 2013

What is Your Plan for more Money?

Interesting question isn’t it? My plan started with dreaming on a legal pad. Running the figures, type of customers needs and what to do specifically to acquire my success. I answered the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY and HOW to my dream of my business. It works.

Be very careful not to allow yourself to catch the fatal PROCASTINATION afflication.

Posted by: johndstewart | April 21, 2013

People Want to Know!

Most of us don’t care how much most of us know until we learn how much most of us care. This especially applies to your business. Transference of Trust is the single most important phase in the business community in my opinion. The “Yes” from your customers is great but does it guarantee additional sales? I say No. Giving and getting co-exist in the sales world. Situational ethics DOES NOT! More to follow.

Posted by: johndstewart | April 13, 2013


WOW! Everyone seems to like just about any article written or talked about on this subject. Myself included. Here is the REAL question. Do you work for MONEY or does your MONEY work for you? In other words, can you stop working and prosper on 1/2 of your ever growing interest income? If not, you need to develope a plan to get there. Just saying.

I am just 6 1/2 years away from that goal. I started too late. Please start now. You Can Do It!



Posted by: johndstewart | April 12, 2013

50-25-25 Percent extra income!

Your business should require a plan for future growth. It has taken many years to get this concept through my old thick brain, however it happened. The categories that concerned us while in business are debt, investments and a reward system. So we devised our own system to deal with our business and personal goals. Here is how it works: Based on our averaged monthly goals we take 50%, 25% and 25% and allocate to savings, rewarding ourselves for our efforts and paying down debts. It works. Some financial advisors don’t always agree with our plan. It works for us.




Posted by: johndstewart | April 6, 2013

Giving, Smiles and Laughing!

Believe it or not, I use to give expecting the reciever to give back until giving meals to others that did not know me. These events affected me for the rest of my life. You see, food was the goal that day. How can this be in America? So we are in the gift giving business so others can give. Yes this is a business that allows us to give more.



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